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You have weighed and measured all of your options for making a little extra cash and find that between donating body fluids or taking online surveys, online surveys wins by a landslide. So there is a term called free paid surveys and there are some surveys that require you to go through a paid survey database or directory, and there is a small fee to be paid. You may wonder since they charge a fee it may mean that the amount of money you will make from taking these surveys will be greater than the free paid surveys? The answer is no. Some sites charge about $35 for their directory of 490 paid survey companies. Others charge anywhere from $20 to $60 to access their paid directories. Some of the misconceptions upon joining these companies are that upon joining them you will begin to receive paid surveys via email, but the fee you pay simply gives you access to the many paid surveys online that you may join on your own accord. However why pay a fee when a free paid survey directory will include everything your little heart desires to make those extra wages for the cost of nothing? Thats right; you can get access to several different online surveys from the free paid survey directory for the price of free. The qualities of the surveys do not differ simply because of the entry fee. The surveys are created by marketing and research companies working for corporate companies that request input on their products. They want your opinion and are more than willing to pay you a few bucks to get it. So why bother paying an additional fee for something that is readily available? Take advantage of the fact that they require your opinion to succeed, you need the extra cash, and they are paying you to contribute your two cents. Its a win win situation for all. How To Master The Art Of Making Money Online With Surveys

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